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5-Minute Fiction #151

May 29, 2013

Last night’s contest prompt was “the story must be centered around a dream lover.”

While it was somewhat restrictive, I attempted to move out of the box. Apparently, that was not what the judge wanted, as I did not even make the finalists. You may go here to see the other entries.

Alex quickly and quietly shut the closet door when he heard the knock.

“Coming. Uh…just a minute!” he yelled.

Opening his bedroom door slightly, he sighed and asked his mom what she wanted now.

“Did I hear you talking in there? Do you have company?”

“Look mom, you know our agreement. It’s none of your business.”

“Ok. Ok. Sorry. I just wanted to let you know your show’s on tv.”

“Yeah, like I don’t know that every week,” Alex half-muttered to the door frame. “It’s a rerun this week so I’ll pass.”

“Alright. See you around,” his mom said with smile and a wave.

At 39, Alex was not particularly proud to live with his mother, but losing his job forced his hand a few months ago. At least he had his own entrance even though she could still access his room from inside the house. He felt he had a pretty good handle on things.

He opened his closet and hoisted his girlfriend out.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, Sandy,” he said as he stroked her blonde hair. Tufts of it fell out in his hands but he simply put them back onto her scalp, hoping they would stay this time (though he had the necessary tools to make them stay, he preferred the more natural approach).

He sat in his oversized chair and set Sandy on his lap. he looked into her blue as blue can be eyes, stroked her cheek and down to her luscious lips. He was proud of her lips, as he’d worked so hard on them. He began unbuttoning her blouse but stopped as he noticed the blackening tint to her peeling chest skin.

He’d have to start work on a new layer for that tomorrow. Darn it, when was this decay going to stop? He really thought replacing it was going to do some good. He just couldn’t stand to lose Sandy again after all they’d been through.

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