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Salt and the Sea

May 15, 2013

Here is my latest entry into the 5-minute fiction contest on

This one happened to win! 🙂 whee

The prompt was the story had to include a sailing ship.

The sun peeked over the horizon as Jesse and Violet leaned against a mast each, legs stretched out front, and watched with incredulity. They looked at each other and nodded, knowing they were thinking the same thing. Their parents were right. It was an amazing thing to watch the sunrise over the open ocean while sitting beneath the sails.

Then they grinned and high-fived each other.

They’d been on their own for five days and hadn’t fought once. Of course, that was one thing about being a twin. Fights were minimal compared to other types of siblings. They needed that for what they were doing.

As the sun rose completely above the water, the kids stood and went down into the galley.

“So what shall we have today?” asked Jesse.

“Hmmm. I think I’m tired of bacon.”

“But there’s still so much of it left.”

“Let’s just skip one day. Let’s have some fruit. Isn’t there some fruit in the fridge?”

They got onto making breakfast as if they’d done it on a boat for years. To Violet, it seemed like they had. She had sure dreamed about this for years. Ah, finally. Alone on a boat going where they wanted, full stocked and more.

Jesse returned from the pantry. “Hey Vi! Something’s starting to smell in there. I think we’d better jettison some parts. Wanna take a look?”

Violet went down to the pantry and smelled it right away. Rotting flesh. Well, she thought, their parents couldn’t last forever.

Even though they were twins and thought much alike, Violet had no idea how much until Jesse had come to her five days ago on their family trip with his, uh her, idea.

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