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Art and the Muse

January 14, 2012

Having created art in my most angst-ridden moments for many a year, the last six years have challenged me to come to terms with another artist within me. It is taking that long, and then some, to really determine why I do art and what art I do. Like most artists, I work in several media; for me, they are poetry, watercolors, mixed media, and clay sculpture. Lately, I started a clay series inspired years ago by my trips to the ocean (which feed me like nothing else). The pieces are like no others I have ever done. Most of my work to date has been somewhat abstract but definitely figurative. This work is more abstract but nature inspired. I’m still working on them, but they will be posted here when done.

Due to stress and the resultant physical tension I’ve been experiencing for almost a year, I began hiking again. It is something I stopped doing often as my kids were not into it and my wife cannot do it because of her knees. I could not keep from doing it anymore. I have to get out of my home/work surroundings every so often and feel on the edge of the physical plane. I live closer to the mountains, so time and gas prices limit me to doing most of my hikes in the mountains. It is always near water, however. The things I love about hiking sometimes mirror the things I love about doing art.

Possibilities are endless

Little is certain

Being able to walk for miles without seeing anyone: being able to work for hours without seeing anyone.

Being physical and using the tension in my body for a purpose (in hiking and in clay as I really work it)

Going into uncharted territory in silence: going into uncharted territory in my mind and soul.

Silence within

Peace within

Challenging myself and pushing myself to meet that challenge

Nature is immensely diverse and amazing in the shapes, movement, and colors it produces. I look to that force as a sort of mentor, my muse. I cannot imitate it, but I can be inspired by it. That, I definitely am.

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