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Take Me to the Water

September 28, 2011

Today, I went for a hike in my area, something I have hardly ever done. For my hikes, I mostly go to the ocean (about 4 times a year), which is 2 hours away. I live in a valley. Flat. I don’t find much challenge in hiking here, and it doesn’t seem to satisfy the cravings I have for hiking. Spontaneously, I drove 40 miles and took a 5.5 mile hike amongst oak trees, blackberries, a breeze, and waterfalls.

After the first 1/2 hour of hiking, words began forming poetry lines. At the first waterfall, after swimming, I sat down to write some of them down. I struggled. I thought I had something to say. A couple of hours later, as I enjoyed the sounds and feel of a series of waterfalls further up the creek (ha! more like a river), it all came down.

Take me to the water

Rippling strands of life

Currents pour into my heart

Depleting all the strife.

Pulling on a lifeline

Drinking up the spray

Waterfalls are lullabies

Filling wells to play.

Take me to the water

Through dust and heat is fine

Up into higher ground I’ll find

My soul no longer pines.

Take me to the water

I do not have a choice.

A fall, a bay, a lake, a beach

Not one is out of reach.

Take me to the water, please

Leave me time to float

Let me touch the water now

To soothe my twisted heart.

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