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A Good Day for a Hike?

July 11, 2011

Getting lost in the desert proved easy for me no matter how much I studied the landscape on my way in. Getting lost on a beach hike, well, that was a new idea altogether. While on one of my solo trips to Point Bonita a few weeks back, I took a hike I’d always wanted to hike. It left me more than wanting.

Paths stretched out like fingers playing octaves

Waiting to play a tune with the choice I make

Following desire may end a journey too soon,

Traveling the quiet groove, treasures may be seen.

Forgetting to look up

Focused on my momentary track,

I miss the signs

I miss cues

I miss indications

Of more options I’d have

Paths stretched out like ocean waves

Apt to scoop me in

And snuggle me for lengths of time.

I’m not willing to give in

Commitment to a journey lasts for what it’s worth

So long as I command it.

So long as I demand it.

Letting go’s a tenacious lesson

A prevalent mandate

If I am to move along.

Completion falls to the curb.

After traveling waist high in scrub, up and down rivulets of trails smattered with bobcat scat, I began composing the following letter to the parks department.

Taking it Up with the Parks Department

Excuse me, sir, but did you know

There is no way out?

I’m speaking of hiking roads made here, so seemingly well laid down.

You say by this lovely map

I can travel miles and reach delicious spots.

Certainly you wish us pleasure in our jaunts,

Certainly you mean no harm

When some determined the paths be laid

With maps, arrows, notices too few and far between.

You see, I traveled far today but not as the eye can see.

My legs and feet traveled miles today but did not reach the goal.

I joined whatever trail I saw

Hoping it would lead me right,

But many times I found myself

Waist deep in brush and shrubs.

When finally I came upon

Unwelcome signs of large cats,

I quickly tromped over any plant

So long as I found home.

For water travels down these hills and makes some fancy roads.

I’m guessing they were not meant for feet and shoes and toes.

I hated cracking branches, I hated smushing plants,

I really just came out today to take a dreamt of hike.

Excuse me, sir, just want to say that not all’s right here now.

I hope you understand the need for what we may call signage.

I hope you’ll see necessity for the paths to all be widened.

I hope you’ll recognize that beacons

Will help everybody see.


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