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May 20, 2016

With open heart and open ears

I breathe in His requests.

They are my own,

I do not question.

I move at His behest.




August 24, 2015

They’re rushing forward

Pushing, shoving love aside

“Give up!” they cry.

Another form of letting go is all

That’s required.

Images twist to feelings

Feelings churn to jeers

Stemming from the ultimate


The draping raised to reveal

A solid notion and

Unholy motion

The divine back facing me

Of the one and only

Walking away

Turning the key

And letting go

Of me.

A Meditation Remnant

August 11, 2014

Shoulders drop further

Ankle is tense

New sensations awaken me more

To this moment.

I let go the ankle

Never have I known fluidity such as this.

Return to the breath

Hold at the top and release

Hold at the bottom, inhale


Breathing is quiet.

My chest began hard, strong, tough

Breathing prominent and ubiquitously strained

Time passes, who knows how much

I am in this moment.

The breath cycles as if on a wheel

Round and round

My nose to chest to belly and out again through my body.

Thoughts come.

I remember the breath.

The chest softens, shoulders soften, back straight, arms tingle

Breath is flowing

Round and round, not in and out

One big circle

A pillow fills my chest, is my breath.

Gripping Thoughts

June 1, 2014

The net falls, my toes grip

Too tightly?

Trying to relax

Into the change and shift occurring slightly

Within and around

That which used to be


A slackening line does not mean

Losing control

Does it?

Learning to relearn

Delving further



Tasting that




Feeling that which can reflect pain.

Turning toward a path that can heal.


March 15, 2014

Cover me in darkness

To hide the bitter truths

The ones no one is speaking

The ones I can’t reveal.

Cover me in darkness

So full and so complete

Allow no light to touch me

Or soften my thin walls.

Cover me in darkness

I want no star, no speck

Illuminating my surroundings

Or the world within.

Cover me in darkness

Until the ocean fades

Until the tides turn back again

So children are safe to wade.

Ode to the Breath

March 4, 2014

Be the last mobile space

Setting the standards

Which change according to grass

Or blood or glass champagne.

There is no reason, just pleasure

Coursing ever so diligently from  vesicle to vesicle.

Hello, it says, do not despair

Every moment spent

Is a moment caressing hazy peace.

Serenity may be present but it isn’t always clear.

How sharp those delusions

Informing us of specific results.

Trembling under the gift

Of a shimmering sun

Can be a true enlightenment filled with presence

Stability, tranquility, love

Can carry us deeper under grace’s waterfall.

Recognize IT for what IT is

Judge not, be




February 5, 2014

Once truth in desire, always truth in desire?

Though I pore hard and poke through the ashes

I find no tools to show me my way

I fright at the loss of what has been known

And of dropping into a morass of new bones.

Those bones they are sharp, they are old and not new,

Those bones are many and keep me up long at night.

I dare not prod nor poke these bones, for surely a poke will be returned.

My wanderings leave me stranded with clueless eyes and unforgiving thoughts,

Heart hardened for protection against internal workings.

Uncertainty is no comfort for change

Tears no relief from misunderstood pain

‘Twas once a thought inside my head, “this heart wants love before it is dead”

Where goes that thought now?

Where treads that heart now?

Or is it lost among the trampled?